At Rite Enterprises Tree Trimming and Removal, we provide safe professional arborist services including tree trimming, removal of any size tree, stump grinding, and 65 foot arial lift service in the Medicine Hat area.

The founder and owner/operator of Rite Enterprises, John Devine, has always "Done it Rite." For over 30 years our small, family owned company has prided itself in the high quality services we provide. As members of the International Society of Arboriculture, we are trained and equipped to deal with all types and sizes of trees. We carry $5 million of public liability insurance and are fully covered by Workers Compensation of Alberta. Our safety record is our proudest accomplishment - we have never had a liability claim and only one lost time accident in the entire 30 year history of operation. John trains and equips himself and his crew with the best up-to-date tools and equipment. Our quality of service is second to none and yet we continuously strive to improve.
2005 Crew (L-R) John, Thomas, Rod, Ezra, Cory, Richard, James

2014 Crew (L-R) James, Thomas, Jared (top), John, Dire, Justin
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